We offer the widest range of different brush-holders, inserts and brushes for electromagnetic clutches:

  • telescopic brushes of ZF Type  such as TSN 8, TSL 8, STK 6/16 R, STN 6/16  R, STL 6/16 R, STN 8 R, STL 8 R,  TSK 6/16, TSN 6/16, TSL 6/16
  • telescopic brushes of Stromag / Fumo / PSP Pohony types
  • brush inserts of ZF type: TSN 6/16 E, TSN 6/16 E, TSL 6/16E, TSN 8 E, TSL E, TSN 8 VE
  • brushes: bronze for oil  operation, and  carbon brushes for dry operation
  • we also offer levers for mechanical clutches of Bulgarian, Polish, and Russian origin




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