Ema Dessau

Stromag Dessau offers perfect solution for machine tools users. In our stock there are electromagnetic multi-disc clutches type: KLDO, KLDX, 3KL5 and 4KL5. Need spare parts for your clutch? Please check the list of our products and send us enquiry. World-wide shipping in 24 hours.

Ema Dessau
 3 KL 1,25 3 KL 2,5 3 KL 5
 3 KL 10 3 KL 20 3 KL 40
 3 KL 80 4 KL 1,25 4 KL 2,5
 4 KL 5 4 KL 10 4 KL 20
 4 KL 40 KLDX 0,63 KLDX 1,25
 KLDX 2,5 KLDX 5 KLDX 10
 KLDX 20 KLDO 0,63 KLDO 1,25
 KLDO 2,5 KLDO 5 KLDO 10
 KLDO 20 KLDO 40 KLDO 80
 KLDO 160




Clutch Plates / Textile Clutches Brakes / Multi-Disc Electromagnetic Clutches / Multi-Disc Electromagnetic Brakes for Fritz Werner, Heid, Heckert, Heyligenstaedt, Hegenscheid, Huron, Waldrich Coburg

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