A high performance is ensured by innovative components and modern technologies. Ortlinghaus  clutches provide best performance in the smallest space. They are used in the drives of machine tools, printing machines, gearboxes, cranes, winches. World-wide shipping in 24 hours.


0-100  0-300 0-010
 0-011-05 0-011-100 0-011-300
 0-006 0-008-10 0-009
 0-012 0-013 0-023
 0-123 0-021-007 0-021-3.3
 0-002 0-600-424 0-600-474
 0-600-070 0-600-072 0-700
 0-420 0-406 0-400
 0-442 0-521 0-421
 0-452 0-422 0-415
 0-444 0-402 0-454





Clutches and spare parts for clutches for machine tools
Sacem, ZMT Tarnow, AFM Defum, HCP Cegielski, Jotes, Mechanicy Pruszkow, Jafo

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