Our clutches and brakes work all over the World,
because we send our goods to every corner of the World.

Taught by experience, we put a special attention on each item that is going to be sent.
The goods are always correctly secured, and carefully packed to prevent breakage, or even small damage.
Goods sent outside the European Union are always packed in accordance with applicable rules.

Below some sample photos of our so far shipments:

CIMG0298 E052 E102  0015 ET102 ETM 102 IMG_1384 IMG_1385 IMG_1469 IMG_1510 IMG_9030 IMG_9034 IMG_9046 IMGP7164 IMGP7285 IMGP9596 IMGP9678 IMGP9870 Obraz 004 Obraz 010 Obraz 011 Obraz 012 Obraz 013 Obraz 014 Obraz 019 Obraz 021 Obraz 025 Obraz 026 Obraz 027 Obraz 031 Obraz 032 Obraz 036 Obraz 041 Obraz 042 Obraz 049 Obraz 050 Obraz 055 Obraz 056 Obraz90 Obraz91 Obraz92