Repair of clutches

In some cases we offer, as an alternative and more economical solution, services in clutches and brakes reparation, restoration, and renewal.

To calculate a real cost of an individual part renovation we need first to see the element, then evaluate degree of its wear, and define estimated reparation time.

Time of restoration can vary depending on the type of part and level of wear.


Requests please send directly to:



Repair parts and clutches for radiall drills, vertical boring mills, horizontal boring mills, lathes: Poreba, Heckert, Haco-Fat (Polamco), AVIA, ZM Tarnow, CHOFUM Chocianow, Mechanicy Pruszkow, Ponar, DEFUM, HCP Cegielski, FAMOT, Jafo, Jotes, Rafamet

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